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This is just a place for projects to honorably get canned. Thrown out assets, projects that break which is unfixable... by me at least. Projects in which I have lost interest or drive. In many ways it is a sad place - but I'd rather see it as a really happy place, where things that would've never seen the light of day got to go outside anyway. Even though they are ugly - broken. Even though the creator has been mad at them for the most part.
However they know- they've got to know- they know that the creator is merely mad at himself, disappointed even. These small lively things are loved and they are all part of a journey.
Enjoy them! And take them for what they are.

lørdag den 6. december 2014

Hyrule speculations

Hyrule speculations

*UPDATE* TP map fits remarkably well. Look at Hylia which is almost a direct copy of the Hylia from TP. Also the rivers is somewhat similar, but of course more "natural" in the wiiu rendition.

  • Thats pretty vast
  • Super simple "terrain generation" terrain - very 2008 unity kind-of tech. Sadly
  • Not as lush as the E3 teaser
  • The horses has superb animation
  • Epona looks nice
  • Link has pretty cool movement animation compared to previous Zeldas
  • When he runs uphill he looks very nice and heavy
  • Terrain seems a bit untidy... unlike previous Zelda titles
  • I see hylia,death mountain,something that could look like the plateau-y Zora domain from oot, desert,hyrul field.

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