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This is just a place for projects to honorably get canned. Thrown out assets, projects that break which is unfixable... by me at least. Projects in which I have lost interest or drive. In many ways it is a sad place - but I'd rather see it as a really happy place, where things that would've never seen the light of day got to go outside anyway. Even though they are ugly - broken. Even though the creator has been mad at them for the most part.
However they know- they've got to know- they know that the creator is merely mad at himself, disappointed even. These small lively things are loved and they are all part of a journey.
Enjoy them! And take them for what they are.

torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

Helmet Game HD fakery

More design and a short video of how the HD remake of a nonexistent game could look like.

The blopgun, the dragon gun and the plastic sword you've seen in the pixel version of this game. See it here: Helmet Game

The military grade heavy duty bobbler is also from my ancient Helmet Game gamemaker project.

And here the short test which I promised to dig out if possibly possible. Made in AE overnight.

Finger That Shit

Before I realized that this game was already being made (I think it wasn't made by then (past tense)) - a friend and I was talking about this touch game, which I wanted to call "Finger That Shit" - and I still would! Blinking smiley, happy smiley, blinking smiley.

Here is the video:

Well the concept is viable. I guess there are a couple of offerings though, but nothing with this attitude and angle.
On another note, it is soo much fun to make a fake video of a game.

Helmet Game HD Remake

Years ago I made a moving test of this, using After Effects. If I can dig it out - i'll totally share it here. It looked pretty need.
On the other hand I'm not really sure if I like this sort of aesthetic. But secretly I do. 

The little guy is pretty sweet though. Gazing on him might reveal that he in fact is a HD remake of the little dude from this project: Helmet Game


Some old, very old, quick sketches. Very quick. Just for something - explorery kind of thing. 

The lava streams are pretty graphical I know. But I think it would look quite nice.

Obviously inspired by the side of the island in Cave Story.

I wanted a drone that you could use to explore remote places where your character would never be able to reach. And by never I mean never.

tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

Rogue space explorer

Stretched C64 inspired pixel aesthetic is right up my alley. And I didn't even know that until I reread some of my Retro gamer magazines from years back. This is made by kind of cheating. The actual assets have double pixels instead of being half the width and then stretched during rendering. I wanted it to actually do it in rendering, but then I would have to keep track of half/full speeds, and rotation would be out of the question. 

At this point the little guy moves, and he is able to pick up things like the boxes and the propane tanks. If he touches the health packs it'll disappear and he receives health. Buttons open closest door available. And the chest in the upper middle of the screenshot contains gold. Lots of gold. Like 30 or 35 gold. Which is alot.

mandag den 28. oktober 2013

Did I just make Epic Snake playable?

I kind of picked up Epic Snake again. The urge to just wrap something, even if it means that I do not "finish" it is unstoppable. None of the projects here is really supposed to be "finished" - I'm sure that it would be possible, but not without a strong coder for me to spar with. 

Try it out here:
Enjoy! if possible.

Well I was just procrastinating a bit for an hour or so while I didn't know what i wanted to do on a secret project - and it ended up with a somewhat working somewhat lacking Epic Snake experience, alpha experience to be more precise.

Mind not the jaggy transitions, and the fact that there is nothing more than a couple of stages to take care of.
The whole idea behind the game is as earlier described to be brutally hard and unforgiving. However to merit that kind of philosophy I want it to "open up" with "more things" to do. Well - as with everything else here Epic Snake is merely a simple manifestation of an untested concept. Keep that in mind!


Snake clone - with action and more stuff. Going on... Stuff.


A game where you manage a small satellite orbiting planets, moons, stations.

Mainly I wanted to make a game filled with gauges, diagnostics, stats, specs numbers, visualizations of different mechanics. Would be really cool. But it takes too much effort for a non programmer I'd never get anywhere with this. Well I got somewhere, but the amount of skill required to finish this sort of project is astounding. Sadly.


I came really far with this one. My good friend Martin Fasterholdt helped me test it one day after work. I took the critique with me home on two standard size ordinary stationary. Fixed almost everything - but realized that one of my fixes had completely destroyed the game. Not the gameplay but the actual game. It is now in a state of numb void of nothing. It does not run, and if it does it breaks at specific points in the gameplay.

Check out an early pre-critique build here:

edit: This download has been replaced with a newer working version.

I've searched and searched for hours and weeks upon end for the bug, implemented oceans of debug messages but alas.

Some day I might return to it. And give it a proper spanking. But for now I cannot look at it, I cannot be near it. I hate myself for not being a programmer, I hate myself for not being able to correct the mistake I made. 

Screw this stupid game project!

Vivid forest

Being a blue slime is up for discussion. The forest however is alive!

The parallax sensation in this forest scene is extensively awesome!

A little brick structure. Not so cool. Sticking with the forest!

Cityscape horizons

Massive randomly generated futuristic city.

Small structures randomly put together to form an endless city ocean.

Add all

I'll just add it all. Except a couple of projects that actually have some uniqueness to them.

Canned astronaut

Canned astronaut asset from secret project.