What is this thing?

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This is just a place for projects to honorably get canned. Thrown out assets, projects that break which is unfixable... by me at least. Projects in which I have lost interest or drive. In many ways it is a sad place - but I'd rather see it as a really happy place, where things that would've never seen the light of day got to go outside anyway. Even though they are ugly - broken. Even though the creator has been mad at them for the most part.
However they know- they've got to know- they know that the creator is merely mad at himself, disappointed even. These small lively things are loved and they are all part of a journey.
Enjoy them! And take them for what they are.

torsdag den 20. marts 2014

Proxemit shuffles along

Over the past days I've managed to nail some pretty cool things.

For example a script that interprets the surroundings of a block, and determines if it'll be a corner, a straight or a single block with no neighbors. A script like this might not be a big deal for average coders ~~~ but I freaking feel like a god!!! I'm totally pumped up - if coders feel like this every time they manage a problem, nail a task, over comes an obstacle - then they got the best job in the world.

Here are some grabs from the development. To finish Proxemit a couple of rooms utilizing the block script is desirable.