What is this thing?

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This is just a place for projects to honorably get canned. Thrown out assets, projects that break which is unfixable... by me at least. Projects in which I have lost interest or drive. In many ways it is a sad place - but I'd rather see it as a really happy place, where things that would've never seen the light of day got to go outside anyway. Even though they are ugly - broken. Even though the creator has been mad at them for the most part.
However they know- they've got to know- they know that the creator is merely mad at himself, disappointed even. These small lively things are loved and they are all part of a journey.
Enjoy them! And take them for what they are.

tirsdag den 23. september 2014

A little test thing - with lively JANITR Unit

Basically the JANITR Unit will have fun. Generally. 

In the end you might think the Unit is annoying, but Sovne, the astronaut/on surface crew member thinks its ok, when the Unit is cheering him up.

mandag den 8. september 2014

Janitr with astronaut

I've been busy with GUI the last couple of nights. It's coming on pretty nicely. In the end I want everything to move and react to whatever the player is doing. It is important to me that it looks nice, and as you might realize here is that I just concentrate on the fun part, graphics, look, feel, heck... gui before gameplay, tech and mechanics. 

The goal is beauty. I hope to achieve it. Beauty comes in many forms though, so this will not appeal to just anyone. But that's fine by me.

fredag den 5. september 2014

Hvy unit supports Janitr

I made this. Its the Hvy Unit. It has a soft caring heart, and two sockets for heavy duty tools/weapons. However it has a tendency to refuse attaching non-lethal utils. It's quirky in many ways.