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This is just a place for projects to honorably get canned. Thrown out assets, projects that break which is unfixable... by me at least. Projects in which I have lost interest or drive. In many ways it is a sad place - but I'd rather see it as a really happy place, where things that would've never seen the light of day got to go outside anyway. Even though they are ugly - broken. Even though the creator has been mad at them for the most part.
However they know- they've got to know- they know that the creator is merely mad at himself, disappointed even. These small lively things are loved and they are all part of a journey.
Enjoy them! And take them for what they are.

fredag den 29. maj 2015

Dashboard design closeup - upper right

This is the JANITR interface/dashboard design in the upper left corner of the screen. It boasts the inventory button ~ visualized by a yellow button with a chest on it, and the attached "xspand-box" which actually contains the inventory. The yellow color is a visual cue to the yellow Y button on the X-Box controller.
The red button corresponds to the red B button on the X-Box controller. Right now it expands a sort of written diagnostics/help/notes dialog xspand-box when pressed. It expands the same way the inventory box does. Inside it is a bunch of text that conforms to the size of the box by increasing,decreasing the number of letters contained in the large chunk of text.
At the top is a build in unit pin also called a dog-tag, or a bot-tag. The dog-tag contains JANITR reg. code "j.u." and the version number, "v1.01", of the model. Note that it does not state the version of the system inside, nor does it state possible add-ons or extensions that could've been implemented. However the colors to the far right of the dog-tag will tell you something about some basic and quite superficial add-ons.
The little round widget under the inventory button is just for fancyness.

The inventory has a small icon on, that is the famous bent "i" of the company providing the j.u. v1.00 to j.u.oo v1.25 with the inventory xspand-box gadget. The bend "i" stands for inventory but together with the circle surrounding the "i" it is also the initials of the company: Ormorand Intension.

tirsdag den 19. maj 2015

Made some headway with JANITR today

I've been extremely frustrated with the way the physics was being handled in my JANITR project for a time now. What I was aiming for was easy implementation of physical trades, without having to actually have physics in the game. In GameMaker I was switching physics on and off for a couple of weeks - I knew how easy it would be to get JANITR to do what I wanted with add_force and such under the physics structure, but to avoid the setup that comes with the physics based levels and objects would be super beneficial for me.

So now, a couple of days ago and today I scripted my way out of it... Yes it's crude, it's rough and it's super hacky. Corner-cases are just being taken care of as I scripted the shit, and that is just how it is going to be. I kind of like that things are being "hard-coded" like the games of olden days, such as Mario Bros. Where physics was non existent and therefore things like gravity and forces being applied to the objects and characters were written into the game the hard way.

I'm happy with the result, given the time it took to implement it.

Here have some gifs!

Jump boost thingy -                               - picking up items.


I added PROXEMIT to itch.io, so it is easier to distribute and avoid the "DANGEROUS FILE" thing in browsers. Also it's $0.00 so it is kind of affordable at the moment.

fredag den 15. maj 2015

Janitr full screen grab

Slow frame rate, but nice colors and no compression. 

Also check this recharge station, it'll mainly do what it sounds like it should do!